Virginia Republicans continue to push election conspiracy theories while Democrats call for Trump's removal

Here are the top political news stories in Virginia for Friday, January 8th.

Welcome to Friday! Virginia Republicans continue to push election conspiracy theories after the Capitol of the United States fell victim to an act of insurrection.

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Facebook marks Chase's post as 'false information' and the GOP State Central Committee is considering a motion to change the nomination method to a primary - Virginia Scope

Chase called out Republicans on Thursday morning after they voted to certify the 2020 election results. “The Republican Party needs an enema. We need to replace weak kneed Republicans with a new brand of Firebrand Republicans. Many Republicans have sold out to special interest groups, political action committees, power, position, money and they must be replaced with true Patriots who defend the Constitution and cannot be bought or sold,” wrote Chase. “Last night and well into this morning as I watched the Joint Session of Congress, I became physically sick and disgusted as ‘so called’ Republicans denounced and distanced themselves from Trump supporters who actually came in peace to march and rally.”

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More than half of Va.'s COVID cases were in the last two months - Richmond Times-Dispatch

by Sabrina Moreno

Ten months into Virginia’s battle against COVID-19 and one week into the new year, emerging data shows the spread is outpacing every number recorded in 2020. Since New Year’s Eve, the state has seen more than 38,300 new COVID-19 cases. That marks a 7,500-case increase from the same week in December and is three times higher than in November.

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Divide deepens in Virginia GOP as Democrats renew calls for Trump’s early ouster - Virginia Mercury

by Graham Moomaw

After the U.S. Capitol building was attacked by supporters of President Donald Trump who battled with police Wednesday, Cox, a Republican now running for governor in what will be one of the first major elections of the post-Trump era, was less direct in placing blame at the top.

In a statement Wednesday, Cox called on Trump to tell his supporters to “leave the Capitol immediately.” He stopped short of faulting the president, who continues to falsely claim the election was stolen, for the mob that stormed the halls of Congress.

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Sen. Chase attends D.C. rally, refuses to denounce attack on U.S. Capitol - Chesterfield Observer

by Jim McConnell

Refusing to condemn Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, state Sen. Amanda Chase said that it initially was a “peaceful rally” and suggested without evidence that infiltrators posing as Trump supporters may have been responsible for the violence. But in the same video that was posted to her political Facebook account Wednesday evening, Chase also said it could be the beginning of “a revolution” by people who support President Donald Trump and his baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen on behalf of Democrat Joe Biden. Despite numerous lawsuits and challenges to vote counts in several states, no evidence of widespread fraud has been presented by Trump’s legal team.

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Two Virginia Republicans Defend Their Votes on Electoral College Objections - Virginia Public Radio

.@MichaelLeePope: “Did the president use rhetoric that inflamed tensions? “ @ReElectWittman: “No, listen, the president gave a speech yesterday. You'll have to talk to the people that listened to that speech”

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Virginia Democrats in House, Senate join calls for Trump's removal - Roanoke Times

by Amy Friedenberger

Virginia’s congressional and Senate Democrats have called for President Donald Trump to be removed from office through the 25th Amendment or impeachment, while Republicans have been silent or more circumspect on whether the president should face consequences for urging an angry mob to overtake the U.S. Capitol. Every Virginia Democrat has called for Trump to be removed through the 25th Amendment or be impeached. Virginia’s four Republicans in Congress haven’t publicly addressed the matter or have urged mindfulness in considering Trump’s early removal.

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Spanberger Calls for 25th Amendment to Be Invoked

“I was in the House Chamber when the attack occurred. I witnessed firsthand the results of the President’s anti-democratic and un-American efforts to maintain control at any cost, and as a consequence of his efforts, he must be removed from office. The removal of a sitting President is a grave action that should not be taken lightly. However, the President’s ongoing – and unchecked – quest to subvert our democracy, thwart the will of the people, and instigate violence requires immediate action. I call on Vice President Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to protect our country. However, if the Vice President fails to act, it will become necessary for every Member of Congress bound by our constitutional oaths to take further action. If we refuse to respond to a U.S. President inciting an uprising against our democracy, we risk losing it forever.”

Southwest Virginia business owners face backlash for attending Trump rally

“I do feel very uncomfortable going to a restaurant that had anything to do with what happened yesterday. Yesterday feels deeply un-American to me,” Davis said.

Prosecutors call for criminal justice reforms in upcoming legislative session

Virginia senators propose legislation to change voter registration, vote counting process

Terry McAuliffe announces large list of endorsements from Fairfax legislators

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